Ground Source Heating

Ground Source Heating

Our Ground Source Heating team have both small and large scale geo-thermal installation projects in their portfolio inlcuding boreholes where space is limited.

From the design of the overall system through to the installation of the pump and pipes, our expertise will deliver your project to opitmum ongoing yield.

The basic principal is the burying of pipes to extract heat that then powers the radiators, under floor heating or hot water in your home.

ground source heating excavation

ground source heating excavation

ground source heating laid

Ground source installed.

The technology is essentially a loop of piping with anti-freeze & water inside that is continually circulated to absorb the heat from the ground.

The ground will stay at an almost constant temperature yielding all year heat for your home.

Maintenance is minimal, and savings are typically excellent, with Goverment schemes to provide an income.

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